Joe Modlin on Finding the Right Elder Law Attorney

With more and more individuals growing older every day, there is an increasing need for people to take care of them. At the same time, there is also a strong demand for people to make sure that the elderly are not being taken advantage of, as well as to ensure that every elderly citizen receives everything that he or she is entitled to. Joe Modlin, an attorney that specializes in elder law, is familiar with what it takes to be a good elder law attorney.

Delbert Joe Modlin spent years in the military, learning both perseverance and discipline. When it comes to wading through various legal documents and books of regulations, a good elder law attorney simply has to bite the bullet and forge ahead. While other attorneys might be content to simply skim through some of the less interesting elements of a case, Joe Modlin makes sure that nothing is missed.

Delbert Modlin also knows that a good elder law attorney needs to be able to communicate with his clients. This means being able to break down complex rules and regulations and restrictions into everyday language. He feels there is no point in making things more difficult to understand than they already are.

A good elder law attorney also stays current with the latest changes to any law or regulation that affects elderly citizens. For example, when the Medicare set-aside policy underwent some alterations in the past, Delbert Modlin made sure that he completely understood what each change meant. That enabled him to explain to his clients what the new regulations entailed.

Delbert Joe Modlin knows finding the right elder law attorney is a little like finding the right friendship — it might take a while, but when a good one comes along, it’s invaluable.   
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